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Bring Alex’s fun and lively lecture demo to your organization.

If you invite engaging speakers to your service organization (Kiwanis, Lyons, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, etc), you may be eligible for a free preview toAlex’s keynote. This preview is 10 – 15 mins long, and always sparks a lively Q & A period. It is being offered to groups near his home base near Boston for a limited time.

Call 617-625-9300 or emailPrimal Talk, Eloquence Beyond Words.

You probably already know that less than half the meaning of a conversation is conveyed by the words alone. To actually do something about this valuable insight requires changing behavior. Therein lies the rub.

If you’ve ever tried to eat healthier, keep a budget, or get more rest, you know that changing a habit is hard. Especially if it involves delayed gratification.

Fortunately, Alex Feldman can show you some fun tips and tricks that give people smiles right away. You get instant gratification, and before long, you are having a blast interacting with people because of your newfound interest in the eloquence of gestures. Then, when you pay attention to your own face, body and tone of voice, you cannot help noticing the non-verbal signals other people are constantly sending, and you’ll surprise yourself at your improved skills at reading people’s feelings and thoughts.

Even if your social skills are quite good, Alex ’s light-hearted tips can help you teach others. In this era when more people than ever are staring at their phones, we need to teach social skills like never before. Get started today with a free 15 minute preview to Primal Talk, Eloquence Beyond Words. Primal talk is our deepest language… the one our primal ancestors used before civilization, and it’s how we communicated with our mother’s as babies !