When we talk, how much of our message is conveyed through words alone? Less than half! Social scientists have known this for decades. You probably do, too. And in spite of this valuable insight, we still focus so much on words. Why? Learning nonverbal cues is left to chance. These days, we have fewer chances to share nonverbal messages now that we socialize more with with screens, and less in person.

Your English teacher taught you verbal vocabulary, year after year. But hardly anyone teaches the vocabulary of body language. Alex Feldman’s Primal Talk turns theory into practice, and gets everyone not just thinking , but doing. You’ll be more fun in everyday interactions, and more likely to be your best self in important situations.

“The examples and tips were so fun, we were trying them on each other before we left the room. And it helped the next day with a client”

Judith Black, Rotary Club, Marblehead MA

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International physical comedian Alex Feldman is an accidental expert on effective body language.

He is based in Boston, MA, but frequently performs in countries that don’t speak English. His act works on a curious premise: he assumes you understand him, even though he is speaking gibberish. Every “word” coming from his mouth is made up. Nonsense sounds, pure gobbledygook! And somehow, with his animated face, attention to tone of voice, eloquent gestures, and skills of mimicry, you will more than understand him, you will…more

Primal Talk helps: