Feel Ready for Anything when You Strike this Pose

Girl arms over head

Try throwing your arms over your head.  Almost everyone has done this.  This time, allow yourself to hold it a little longer than usual. 

Circus performers do this bow at the end of their routine, the culmination of years of hard work.  This bow plays to the farthest seat in the arena.  Primates hit this posture when they want to assert themselves.  Victorious athletes do this. Even athletes who were born blind, and never seen throw their arms up, assume this posture when ecstatic.  That’s how innate this pose is.

I’ve encouraged many folks to do this, because I know it makes me feel capable.  It makes you feel strong. I know for a fact that audiences around the world understand this.

I”m simply opening up here, and lifting my chest.    

As I do this , testosterone goes up. This makes me ready for a challenge, and boosts my confidence

And don’t think for a minute that testosterone is only a male hormone.  Women have it, too.

And male or female, you may be interested to know that your  Cortisol  levels goes down.  “The stress hormone”.

Try this pose in private for  minute, before you start your work day, and notice how you feel.   Can you see how your body language talks to yourself, not just others ?!