Make people feel good with these super easy gestures !

The next time anyone says something you like, whether friend, neighbor,  family member, whatever….  you’ll make that person feel good if you do any one of the following:
  • Give a thumbs-up.
  • Clap your hands once.
  • Drop your jaw.
  • Tap your heart.
  • High five, or fist bump.
  • Point at them!  And you can build in more emphasis:
    • Point and wink.
    • Point, wink, and click your tongue.
    • Point, wink, click your tongue, and shake your hips once!
Can you see how you can build upon a simple move? Don’t be afraid to try this in the mirror.  Of course you can make changes to adjust to your style!  I’m giving specifics because some people like a jumping off point.  Be playful with your body language.   It’s all good, as long as you make just a little effort.  The only mistake you can make is to be  “above it all”, and not try something a little fun.
“We don’t stop playing when we get old.  We get old when we stop playing.” — George Bernard Shaw
When you  first see someone you know, and want to make them feel good:
  • Say his/her name with great enthusiasm in your voice.
  • You can add extra energy  by drawing his/her name  out: Jeffffrrrrrreeeeeeeee!!  Hannnnaaaahhhhh!!
  • Bend your knees, lean back, and clap your hands!
  • Bend your knees, open your arms wide, and hold still a moment.  Prepare yourself.  You might get a hug this way!
You see people do this, and maybe you do it sometimes.   But few people put energy into getting better at it or doing it more often.   That’s a shame!   Gestures like this serve many good purposes.  They make someone else feel good for a moment.  They also warm up your expressive face and body.  We’re all expressive on the inside.  The trouble is,  as we grow up,  some of us become more focused on words over actions.   And in the digital world,  we socialize even more with words, and less with our natural gifts in primal talk.  So, when you put in just a bit of effort, you’ll stand out. Make primal talk a habit and you’ll light up the room!